Storage Conditions

1.    Left luggage
The Storer certifies that the stored luggage does not include any of the following items: Cash and securities, Food or perishable goods, Living plants or animals, Waste, Flammable or hazardous goods, Illegal goods, Toxic, polluted or contaminated goods, Firearms, munitions or explosives, Radioactive materials.

2.    Storage Term and Payment
The Storage Provider agrees to store the luggage on a 24 hour basis in exchange for payment stated in the deposit process, payable at the time of deposit.
If the storage period exceeds 24 hours, another 24 hour period will start and the Storer will pay for the extra period upon retrieval of the luggage. 

3.     Beginning and Ending Dates
Storage will begin at the time of payment, and will continue until the Storer claims the baggage or the Storage Provider removes the baggage after the maximum rental period has expired, varying on the situation at hand.

4.   Access to the left luggage
The Storage Provider will provide the Storer access to the luggage at the storage location at the advertised opening hours of the location.
If due to holiday closure or other such reasonable circumstances the Storage Provider is unable to provide access to the baggage himself, the Storage Provider will take reasonable steps to allow the Storer access to the baggage, varying on the situation at hand.

5.    Use of luggage
The Storage Provider will not use the luggage, or permit it to be used by anyone else, without the Storer's prior consent.

6.    Reclaiming left luggage
The Storer may reclaim the baggage at any time, but not later than the maximum rental period specified in Clause 3 allows. The Storage Provider will make the baggage available to the Storer, but may first require the Storer to pay the Storage Provider any unpaid charges allowed by Clauses 3 and 7.
The Storage Provider may refuse to return the baggage if there are unpaid charges and/or if the Storage Provider is instructed to withhold return of the baggage by a court or law enforcement officer.

7.    Failure to Reclaim left luggage
If the Storer fails to reclaim the luggage on the last day of storage according to Clause 4, the Storage Provider may change the storage location and continue to store the luggage at the 24 hour rate of 5000 ISK until the Storer reclaims the luggage. The Storage Provider may require the Storer to pay accrued storage fees before returning the luggage. If the luggage is not collected 30 days after the last day of storage according to Clause 3, the Storage Provider may deem the luggage abandoned, sell it to pay for outstanding storage fees, and hold the balance (minus reasonable costs of sale) for the Storer, or otherwise dispose of the luggage as they see fit.

8.    Early Reclaiming
If the Storer reclaims the baggage during a period for which payment has been made, no pro rata refund will be made.

9.  Liability
The Storage Provider agrees to exercise reasonable care to protect the luggage from loss, theft, or damage. The Storage Provider is not liable for loss, theft, or damage to the luggage caused by the Storer or third party. The Storer agrees to be liable for damage to the luggage  or storage location caused by inherent or defective condition of the luggage or the reckless or destructive actions on his behalf. The Storage Provider is not liable for costs incurred by the Storer due to problems retrieving the luggage
The Storer may insure the luggage against loss, theft, or damage under the Storers' or other insurance policy.

10.  Disputes
If a dispute arises, The Storer and the Storage Provider will try in good faith to settle it through mediation. The Storer and the Storage Provider will share the costs of the mediator equally. If the dispute is not resolved within 30 days after it is referred to the mediator, either the Storer or the Storage Provider may take the matter to court and shall then be settled by Héraðsdómur Reykjavíkur (The District Court of Reykjavik)